Friday, February 8, 2013

Cloud Computing – Not the Technology of Future

Hope you like Cloud Computing- The Start.

When i started studying about basics of cloud computing about 1 year ago all journals, articles, blogs were having one thing common – Cloud Computing is future generation technology even, some say it is hypothetical and it is not going to happen. Actually it is not a next generation technology it is this generation technology. All the fog gathered around the question- “What is Cloud Computing?” is now falling down and we are getting a clear sky with clouds. This became evident from the fact that people are now more interested in “HOW” rather than “WHAT” of cloud computing. Let me tell you an example. Last week I was interviewed for post of Assistant Professor in an university. I was expecting question like What is cloud computing? what is IaaS, PaaS and SaaS? What are benefits of cloud computing? Rather questions asked were How to change university ERP system on cloud? How can i change my cloud provider? How to do desktop virtualization? and many more How’s. I was surprised ans excited at same time. If at university level people are considering cloud as their IT resource provider at what level IT industries will be working. In the next paragraph i will show you some stats from current world of IT.

Many big names in IT industry progressed toward cloud technology. MSB or SSB companies are also moving quickly on road of cloud computing. Lot of research both at academics and industry level is going on for cloud computing. Cloud Computing holds a place in Gartner top 10 technology for 4 successive years now Checkout. Report submit by IDC stated that spending on cloud is 12% of whole IT spending around the globe and it is going to 20% at the end of 2013. Survey conducted by F5 stated 70% of industries are having dedicated budget for cloud computing and there are lot for examples to prove that cloud is actually OUR generation technology.

So, if you don’t know what is cloud computing? I am afraid to say, you are 3 years behind the current IT technologies. Tie up your seat belts and start discovering about cloud and its derivatives. I love to discuss hot trends in cloud computing some day.

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Rajinder Sandhu

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