Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cloud Computing- The Start

Cloud Computing - 
It seems everyone is interested in this area. From security to distributing computing. Cloud has taken its place at every researchers desk across the globe. Many people ask me to explain cloud computing in naïve language. Actually it is a bit confusing what to say.  Let me think!!

Whenever we create two or more nodes and show them on a network lets say Client-Server architecture. We often create a cloud between the two computers or machines connected across the network.

 So, now this cloud is doing all the computing. It looks funny but believe me this is the simplest way I explain What is Cloud Computing.

Speaking of it professionally idea of cloud computing comes from the basic need of IT industry. IT industry needs just the solution to use. It didn’t want to enter into any managing and configuring part because they have to hire experts for that and of course it has budget associated with it. So basically the idea was, why not to rent services on the net and pay as per use just like taking a cab on rent. This is what cloud enables us to do. We can rent resources, computation power, storage, network, platform, software.
I am not sure you get any idea about cloud computing. it is simplest one can explain but no need to worry i will explain it in detail in further posts. Till then Bbye and Take care.

Rajinder Sandhu

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